Karnataka: Government schools set to reopen today

Karnataka: Government schools set to reopen today


The government and other state board schools will reopen the new course on Thursday, but for the second year in a row, students will be deprived of college classes. Classes will probably start, but teachers are hesitant to attend.
Teachers were asked to follow students using digital methods and to see each student’s access to gadgets.

They should then divide them into groups based on internet, telephone, television, and radio access. For those who do not have access to any of these means of communication, teachers should ask parents to identify neighbors who own such devices.

However, schools are suggesting that this could be a difficult task as several teachers continue to be in Covid’s work and it is yet to slow down.
. We have written to the officials and the Minister of Education himself has asked for their release, ”said V V Anbukumar, commissioner of public education.

The Karnataka High School Teachers’

Association has said the number of returnees is about 5,000. The teachers are helping to track contacts, vaccinations, and data entry.
The headmaster of a public school told TOI that many teachers at his school have not yet returned to Covid’s work. “Classes are scheduled to continue on Thursday, and are expected to connect with students via WhatsApp and link classes to classes,” he said.

Anbukumar said he hoped teachers would do their best to reach out to children. “We have asked them to monitor the availability of student gadgets and skills from June 15. We hope that the teachers have done so by now,” the commissioner said.

However, several teachers are skeptical of how much students will understand and save on WhatsApp categories. “We have set up WhatsApp groups, but most of them do not follow what is happening to them. Their parents go to work, and the children can’t get calls. Sometimes parents don’t renew their phones. We need to see how many actually join, ”said the principal of a public primary school in East Bengaluru.

Many children in rural areas do not have a place to join visual classes. They need to be on campus. ”

Meanwhile, many schools have requested a parental meeting to understand access to gadgets. “We do not know how many will join. But many parents who had come to be sprayed in the classroom were told to go there, ”said the teacher.


vaise bhi kya seekha hai humne school mei jo life mei kaam aya …
Kuch Nahi. aage jaake sab online kar do … BYJU see pada our open review does. schools are useless
Mallikarjun Kodathi of Public Primary School, Kodachi, said: “We hope to decorate our classroom and send pictures to WhatsApp students. We miss the kids on campus but hopefully contact them tomorrow. ”
DD Chandana classes are expected to start on July 5 and a timetable has been released. Textbooks are available online, while YouTube classes and the Deck site have content available.

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